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Subject: Minutes of 31 March 2005 XACML TC Meeting

Anne Anderson
Seth Proctor
Bill Parducci (minutes)
Tim Moses
Tony Nadalin
Rebekah Metz
Hal Lockhart
Erik Rissanen
Ed Coyne
Polar Humenn
Ron Williams

Quorum reached (68% per Kavi)


I.   Minutes from 3 March, March 17 meetings voted upon:
      Approved unanimously
      No objections

II.  "-equals" Functions
      Dev list had a question regarding "-" functions. Specifically, v2.0
      of the specficication does address bag, set type and -equals
      functionality for the two new data types; was this an oversight?
      intentionally excluded?

      Seth offered that these are important and believes that this was an

      The general consensus on the TC is this was an oversight and that
      this functionality should be treated as errata since it is within
      the spirit and the design of the v2.0 specification.

      ACTION: Seth and Anne will write up the errrata and post it to the

III. Focus Group review
      There is general consensus in the Focus Group consensus on the need
      for Delegation a number of alternative options for how to implement
      it. Frank will post a proposal on his ideas later in the week. Hal
      reviewed the current proposals and how it relates to his previous

      Tony raised some issues on the list concerning the scope of the
      Generalization proposal in that it may attempt to address areas
      outside of the charter. Hal offered that restructuring and
      generalization are reasonable and that a modification of syntax
      that is compatible with other languages is advantages for the XACML

      Bill offered that the proposal has value in terms of it ability to
      abstract the decision from effect and that so long as the work
      being done moves the specification forward in the access control
      space we should be within the charter.

      ACTION: Bill to provide updates to the Generalization proposal (use

  IV. General Business
      Hal notified the group that he will not be able to make the F2F.

meeting adjourned.

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