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Subject: Minutes of meeting, 14th April 2005



14 April 2005


  1. In attendance:


Anne Anderson

Hal Lockhart

Tim Moses

David Staggs

Seth Proctor

Ron Williams

Michiharu Kudo

Polar Humenn,

Erik Rissanen

Daniel Engovatov


Quorum was achieved.


  1. The minutes of the meeting held on 31 March 2005 were approved.  http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xacml/200503/msg00034.html


  1. Upcoming face-to-face


Topics for the upcoming face-to-face include:

Administration policy,

Generalization and

Policy distribution.


Hal will contact Bill and ask him to issue a new draft of the generalization specification by 20th April, so that participants in the face-to-face can familiarize themselves with it ahead of the meeting.

It was agreed that the face-to-face meeting would call into the conference bridge at 4:00pm on the first day and at 11:00am on the second day of the face-to-face.  This would provide an opportunity to brief those who could not attend on the progress achieved.  Hal will contact the sponsor to make them aware of our intentions.


Hal recommended that the face-to-face produce a roadmap of activities and goals for the completion of the administration policy and generalization drafts.


  1. Focus group


The focus group meeting on the 7th April focused on administration policy.  Some technical decisions were made and a new draft was posted on the 8th April.

Erik has provided comments on the draft.  In particular, he believes that the only combining algorithm that makes sense for administration policy is the "permit-overrides" policy.  In the light of this observation, the processing model can be considerably simplified.


Tim mentioned that the impact on the request-context has not yet been captured in the working draft.


Tim will issue the last draft prior to the face-to-face on or before the 20th April.


There was some discussion about the suitability of the time-slot for the focus group, as attendance has been only three or four people.  It was decided to leave it in the current time-slot.





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