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Subject: Minutes of XACML concall May 12, 2005


Simon Godik
Erik Rissanen
Tim Moses
Bill Parducci
Michiharu Kudo
Hal Lockhart
Tony Nadalin
Seth Proctor
David Staggs
Polar Humenn

Minutes from the April 14 concall and April 28,29 F2F were approved

There was a general review of the F2F

Erik confirmed he will be able to act as an editor beginning in a couple weeks

*AI - Erik to produce draft of Delegation processing as the first priority

*AI - Erik to generate initial Issues List based on items from the F2F

*AI - Hal to investigate use of Kavi AI facility for Isssues Tracking

Hal commented on issues relating to "what permissions" functionality

*AI - Erik to add this to issues list

Discussion of Extensible Target proposal

Tim mentioned that the use of Deontic logic by XACML has been suggested

*AI - Tim to post link to information about Deontic Logic

Tim reported that the New Challenges for Access Control Workshop was a success.

*AI - Tim to post link to the proceedings.

Brief discussion of the status of the generalization proposal.


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