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Subject: [no subject]

I am unsure what the proper behavior is with regard to Obligations.
The schema for AttributeAssignments seems to allow arbitrary content,
lazily validated.  Is it the intention that if an Obligation is
required by a Policy, then the PDP should simply copy the content of
the AttributeAssignment verbatim into the response context?  Clearly
it is not expected to understand the semantics of such an obligation.

All of the examples in the spec show escaped XML (i.e., text
content), but the Conformance Tests that I have include elements, and
these would seem to be allowed by the schema; it seems odd, though,
that one would go through the trouble of escaping the XML into text
content if the XML elements themselves were permitted.

So, in short the question is:  is the intention that I capture the
XML source for obligations and emit it verbatim into the resulting



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