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Subject: Minutes of June 23 2004 XACML TC Meeting - UPDATE #2


Anne Anderson
Seth Proctor
Bill Parducci (minutes)
Tony Nadalin
Hal Lockhart
Erik Rissanen
Ron Williams
Argyn Kuketyev
David Staggs
Daniel Engovatov

Quorum reached (70%)


I.   Minutes from May 26, June 9 meetings voted upon:
      Approved unanimously
      No objections

II.  Focus Group Meeting Schedule
      TC voted to move Focus Group back to original time slot:
      alternating weeks at the same time (10:00AM ET) and day (Thursday).

III. Issues

      Delegation Review (Draft 06)
      Erik is looking for feedback on the proposal and will continue to
      explore the processing model, but drop the pseudo code from the
      document, unless their is a request not to do so.

      Namespace Erratum
      This topic has been tabled since Tim was not on the call.

      Community defined sets of Attribute Identifiers
      Anne suggested that the References document may be used to point
      adopters to various attribute authorities.  Seth feels that getting
      involved in referencing individual identifiers based on anecdotal
      usage may create an implicit relationship. Anne and Hal offered
      that the intent is only to provide a direction for interested
      parties not for endorsement purposes. Hal proposed that an explicit
      statement disavowing any endorsement would solve the problem. Seth
      still maintains concern because he believes that adopters will be
      looking for the "correct" way to adopt an attribute.

      A separate section will be created in the Reference document where
      adopter Attribute Identifiers may be listed via references to
      specifications defining Attributes.

      IRI (Internationalized Resource Identifier)
      Daniel introduced the IRI concept that is being used by the W3C
      group. He volunteered to take on the task of seeing how this will
      affect the XACML specfication

      Conformance Tests
      Argyn asked about the status of the v2 Conformance Tests and
      offered to begin porting over the v1 tests.  The question was
      raised as to how these should be hosted during development and the
      current thinking is to use the XACML document repository until such
      time as this becomes impractical.

IV. Work List
     The Work List has not been changed significantly.  The Chair
     suggests that the TC members review the Work List.

meeting adjourned.

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