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Subject: RE: [xacml] Notes from Focus Group 30 June 2005: Discussion of admin policy draft 6

> ISSUE: Should Administration Policies that grant
>   permission to issue new Access Policies be distinguished from
>   those that grant permission to issue new Administration
>   Policies?  If same policy would never be used for both cases,
>   it might make policies more understandable if they were given
>   different names.
>   Use case for doing both in one policy: Erik may delegate
>   permission to Hal to make updates to the spec during Erik's
>   vacation, but Erik may also be happy if Hal further delegates
>   this permission in case Hal is busy or traveling.


After giving this more thought I have a different concern.

Based on our discussion, it will be possible to define an admin policy which controls the creation of both admin and access policies. As I understand the scheme you have in mind, it will be possible to create policies which are only direct - control the creation of access policies - by omitting the "further delegate" element.

What I am now wondering is what about the third case? Will there be some way to create a policy which is indirect only (applies to admin policies)?


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