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Subject: The latest delegation draft


I have uploaded a new version of the delegation draft. There are quite
many changes.

I have tried to improve the content and formatting of the various parts
of the specification.

I added missing parts of the schema fragments. I think the everything
the current processing model refers to should be there now, but many
features that have been discussed are not there yet, for instance
"Access Permitted", passing policies and attribute assertions in the
request and max delegation depth.

I included the improvements that Anne suggested recently.

During the last focus group meeting we discussed whether we should call
the new elements of the target/request "Issuer" or "Delegate". I said
then I would make it consistently "Issuer", but instead I have made them
"Delegate". This is mostly due to that this was much less work for me
now since 99% of the existing draft used "Delegate" and that I fear that
"Issuer" would be confused with the policy issuer.

During the focus meeting I also promised to Hal that I would give an
example on the use of LaterDelegate, but I haven't had the time to do
that yet. I decided to post the draft now anyway, and I will try to have
it for the next version instead.

I also removed Tim's pseudocode. During the focus meeting we decided do
that for now, and perhaps reintroduce it later.

I have added new open issues to the open issues list, so please have a
look at it as well. There are some simple issues there that we should
just decide on.

Oh, and a small note: When writing the draft, I have stolen some text
from the 2.0 specification. I hope that is ok. Just let me know whether
I should reference that in some way.

To move on with this, I would like that we make some decisions on the
simple open issues. I would also like to get more feedback on whether
this looks to satisfy everyone's needs and that it does no look to complex.

For the text, I think much of it is in a bad state right now, so I think
it needs more work to make it more clear. Any suggestions on that would
be appreciated. I am not sure how to best make the non-normative
introductory texts as clear as possible. I feel that this is of high
priority for the next version, before we move on with more features.

Best regards, Erik

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