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Subject: Minutes of July 7 2004 XACML TC Meeting


Tim Moses
Bill Parducci (minutes)
Tony Nadalin
Hal Lockhart
Erik Rissanen
David Staggs
Ron Williams

Quorum reached (70% per Kavi)


I.   Updated minutes from June 23 meeting voted upon:
      Approved unanimously
      No objections

II.  Review of Focus Group Meeting

      What do we call entity that creates policies? Delegation introduces
      a new input context, how will naming be handled as context is

      Draft 7 resolves a number of inconsistencies that were pointed out
      on list.

III. External Policy Contribution
      Boeing has offered to introduce some internally derived policy
      expression work. The TC will ask that Boeing post the work and
      present it to the group to see if/how this may be used in XACML.

IV.  Work Items

   WI #1 - CLOSED

   WI #2 - work continues

   WI #3 - work continues

   WI #4, #5 - open
      Bill to resubmit Use Cases (on wiki)

   WI #6 - open

   WI #7 - open, Use Cases needed

V.  General Business

     XACML will be participating in the Oasis Wiki program. Bill will
     provide the initial setup on the website.

meeting adjourned.


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