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Subject: August 4 TC meeting Minutes (Revised)

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Attendance has been revised.

Time: 10:00 AM EDT

10:00 - 10:05 Roll Call and Agenda Review

Attendees (noted with X)

X Daniel Engovatov	BEA Systems, Inc.*	Member
X Hal Lockhart	BEA Systems, Inc.*	TC Chair
X Steve Anderson	BMC Software*	Member
  Rebekah Metz	Booz Allen Hamilton	Member
  Ronald Jacobson	Computer Associates*	Member
  Tim Moses	Entrust*	Voting Member
  Michiharu Kudo	IBM*	Voting Member
  Michael McIntosh	IBM*	Member
X Anthony Nadalin	IBM*	Voting Member
X Ron Williams	IBM*	Voting Member
X Argyn Kuketayev*	Individual	Voting Member - Probation
  Robin Cover	OASIS *	Prospective Member
X Erik Rissanen	SICS, Swedish Institute of Computer Science AB*	Voting Member
  Bill Parducci	Simula Labs*	TC Chair
X Anne Anderson	Sun Microsystems*	Secretary
X Seth Proctor	Sun Microsystems*	Voting Member
X Polar Humenn	Syracuse University	Member
  Martin Smith	US Department of Homeland Security*	Member
  Edward Coyne	Veterans Health Administration*	Member
X David Staggs	Veterans Health Administration*	Voting Member - Probation
X Paul Night	Nortel Prospective Member

Hal declares that we have quorum.

10:10 - 10:15 Vote on approval of minutes from July 21

There is no objection to the motion to approve the minutes.  Minutes are

Tony Nadalin from IBM announces that IBM will release any patent claims
that IBM has against XACML as Royalty Free. The release will become formal
through OASIS process in about a month.

10:15-10:18 Update on wiki

OASIS has concerns about wikis, based on IPR concerns. The Wiki is to be
treated as a "scratch pad", but anything that comes as formal must be put
on the OASIS sight.

10:19-10:20 Future F2F

Possible F2F in September or October. BEA can host either coast. There is
no concensus as of yet.

10:21 - 11:04 Delegation and Administration Discussion
   Erik's Questions

On the question that of changing of Delegate to Issuer. We agreed that it
shall stay Delegate for now.

Agreed to change "LaterDelegate" to "IndirectDelegate".
The question of ordering of these delegates are still a question.

Hal makes suggestion to follow the glossary so that the words that are
from the glossary be typefaced in bold.

Change "policy value authorization" to "reduction" and make a definition
for reduction in this context.

Should we forbid the use of Deny in Administrative Policy? We recognize
that there are problems with Deny, It came up that the discrepancy case is
I can deny an administrator from doing his job. We agreed to place the
issue is whether Deny or Permit will go on the open issues list.

11:05  Out of time, Adjourn
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