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Subject: Issues fo the next delegation draft


What should we focus on for the next delegation draft?

I would suggest that maximum depth of delegation and obligations are
included in the processing model.

I will also look into the details of IndirectDelegate. I will see how it
can be used in conditions and explain what attributes would be useful
for the IndirectDelegates and why. If we can clear these issues up, I
think we should put them in the next draft.

I will also think about issue 25, the problem of nested policy sets and
enforcement of delegation constraints.

I would also like to have feedback on issues 28 and 29, since they are
quite simple, and it would be nice to just have them done. 28 is whether
we should have a delegate-id attribute, or just reuse subject-id. 29 is
what is the best way to define the "situation" concept, based on the
policy or based on the request context?

It might also be time to start working on the schema files, but I would
like to wait with that until we know what changes will be made to the
core. Has anyone been working on the generalization aspects? And what
should we do about issue 3, that is the open target/context?

Also, I will, if I get some spare time, try to think about issue 26
(really the same as 16), that is reduction of deny results. I don't
think it should be in the next draft, but it would probably be a good
idea to have some ideas out there for the face to face.

BTW, talking about the face to face. If we are talking about September,
it would be good for me at least if we could decide soon, since airfares
are expensive if you get the ticket late.


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