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Subject: Minutes of August 18 2005 XACML TC Meeting

Hal Lockhart 
Tim Moses 
Bill Parducci (minutes) 
Erik Rissanen 
David Staggs 
Ron Williams 
Anne Anderson
Argyn Kuketayev
Polar Humenn
Michiharu Kudo
Tony Nadalin

Quorum reached (90% per Kavi) 
I.   Minutes from August 4 meeting (as updated on list) voted upon: 
     Approved unanimously 
     No objections 
     Oasis Procedural note: Voting privileges are based on 2 contiguous
     meetings rule; miss 2 meetings in a row and lose voting privileges;
     attend 2 meetings in a row, regain voting privileges after second

II.  F2F
     The chairs will post a poll with the last 2 weeks of September and
     the first week of October, East Coast/West Coast BEA facilities.

III. Conformance Tests
     Argyn reviewed his work on moving the v1.x Conformance Tests to
     v2.0. They are in a draft state, have been validated against the
     v2.0 schema but have not been run against an actual implementation.
     Additional tests (e.g. functions with parameters) need to be added.

IV.  New Delegation Draft (0.8)
     Erik reviewed the changes to the latest word. No major structural
     changes, most modifications pertain to readability and consistency.

V.   Issues
     Issues are now tracked in the Oasis wiki:

     Hal suggested a formatting modification to clarify the status of
     issues. discrete values: OPEN, PENDING, PENDING REVIEW, CLOSED and

     Issue 24 - the current draft does not allow this, Hal offered that
     this be added to the next draft. Anne objected to this based on
     policy retrieval optimization. Hal offered that policy retrieval is
     based upon either request type and is evaluated in that context
     separately. Hal will modify the wiki entry to more fully describe.

     Issue 25 - since processing depth may be masked it is currently not
     possible to know the level of recursion without a way to pass
     recursion information through the processing chain (request

     Issue 26 - addressing impacts of Deny policies rights on
     administrative policies.  Hal offered that there isn't value in
     differentiating between the ability to permit access or deny.

     Polar offered that evaluation may be clarified by introducing
     Trusted/Untrusted results (with possibility of differentiation
     between ability to issue negative/positive policies)

     Issue 27 - PDP policy set Issuer

     Issue 28 - Delegate-id
     Currently not considered a significant issue.

     Issue 29 - Situation
     Should Situation be defined as proposed on wiki?

VI.  Misc.
     Bill will contact Tim to review Generalized Decisions with respect
     to Obligations.

     The TC will continue to use Kavi as the mechanism for tracking
     action items, but members are encouraged to use the wiki for
     maintaining issues and as a place for introducing ideas/concepts.

meeting adjourned.

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