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Subject: Minutes of October 13 2005 XACML TC Meeting

Argyn Kuketayev
Tim Moses
David Staggs
Anthony Nadalin
Erik Rissanen
Hal Lockhart
Bill Parducci (minutes)
Anne Anderson
Ron Williams

*******Quorum reached (81% per Kavi)


I.   Minutes from September 29 meeting voted upon:
      Approved unanimously
      No objections

II. F2F - Review
     Hal reviewed the Bill and Michiharu's proposals for addressing
     Bill's outstanding Use Cases. Tim said he is interested in following
     the work Bill and Michiharu are doing, but is not actively pursuing
     Generalized Decisions at this time.

     All "Pending Review" Issues (except #1) were closed during the F2F.

     Bill noted that in the meeting a number of Issues were identified as
     being created by and depend upon Frank. The Chairs need to contact
     Frank to determine if he will be able to continue working on these

     David presented information on how the U.S. VA is architecting its
     access control solution and what requirements they are addressing.

     It was noted that although Erik's team has come up with a model for
     Indirect Delegates, the subject is too complicated for the XACML
     model as it pertains to current and near term adoption.

     The F2F group felt that the v3 document should be composed of a core
     document and separate Profile documents. "open" Target, etc. will be
     dealt with in the Core document, while Delegation, etc. will be
     covered in the ancillary documents.

     Tim will tentatively continue to act as Editor for the Core

     Hal offered that Delegation will introduce architectural changes to
     the XACML model.

III. Conformance Tests
     Argyn reviewed the v2 conformance tests. The prior tests run against
     the new schema are stable. Argyn will begin adding more tests to
     exercise functionality associated with v2.

     Argyn asked what is involved for non TC members to be able to
     contribute Conformance Tests.

     Argyn also noted that it is impractical to repost the entire
     conformance test suite with each update. Bill suggested that this
     task could be addressed with an SCM like subversion or CVS. Hal said
     that Oasis is looking at solutions for the repository model.

meeting adjourned.

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