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Subject: Thoughts on Obligation

Hi, Bill

I have several comments and questions on your Wiki example.

1) In your obligation example, you use "kind" and "category" attribute to describe the categories of the obligation. I am wondering if this attribute should be separate attribute or be a part of the obligation ID. If there exists an obligation that belongs to two or more categories, then the idea to have a separate attribute would make sense. However, if most of the obligation belongs to only one category, then having separate attribute is questionable. To validate this idea, please give me an obligation example that may belong to two or more categories.

2) I agree that defining obligation category and its members is important. Specifying preference and exclusion among members would also be necessary. Apparently, we need more constraints. For example, we may need preference on the argument of the obligation. In the case of "charge" obligation, it is sometimes accompanied with fee argument, e.g. charge $3. If two obligations of charge $3 and charge $4 are resulting obligations, some user would need maximum fee ($4), but some user would need additive fee ($7) as a final resulting decision.

3) I think that one of the important thing is the scope of the constraint of the obligation. I think how to combine obligations should be consistent among entire policy specifications within relevant policies. What do you think?


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