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Subject: Minutes of December 8 2005 XACML TC Meeting

Minutes of OASIS XACML TC Meeting
10am EDT, 11 November 2005


I. Roll Call and Agenda Review

    Anne Anderson
    David Staggs
    Hal Lockhart
    Seth Proctor
    Argyn Kuketayev
    Tim Moses
    Bill Parducci (minutes)
    Michiharu Kudo
    Erik Rissanen
    Ron Williams
    Anthony Nadalin
    Abbie Barbir

   Quorum achieved (81% per Kavi)

I.   Minutes from November 10 meeting voted upon:
      Approved unanimously
      No objections

II. Delegation
     Version 10 of the Draft has been posted. Minor edits and
     inconsistencies of Deny are addressed. The definition of which mode
     the PDP operates under. The current specification does not allow for
     this at the PDP level. Hal proposed that we explicitly say we treat
     Deny by the Trusted Issuer of a Administrative policy the same way
     we treat a Deny on another administrative policy.

III. Obligations
     Bill reviewed the state of Obligation processing. Currently there is
     a need to determine what issues surround "cumulative" Obligations
     (Obligations that require processing after hierarchical processing).
     Bill also noted that some sort of "root" policy will be necessary to
     establish a hierarchy precedence for the PDP.

IV. Issues
     Issue #32 (exception handling) has been added by Erik.

V.  Errata - SAML 2.0 Profile
     Anne has asked for review. Element definitions in the schema were
     confusing and were removed. xsi:type is explained as effective

VI. SAML 2.0 Constrained Delegation Profile
     The SAML TC is starting to look at Delegation. Hall suggests that we
     meet with the SAML team to see where there may be overlap and what
     may need to be incorporated into XACML v3.0. Hall offered to
     approach the SAML TC Chair.

VII. Domain-independent web services policy assertion language
     This is an attempt to take the Assertions from the Web Services
     profile that was not pursued by XACML (out of scope) and create a
     general assertion language.

     The Discussion list may be found at:

     The list archive may be found here:

meeting adjourned.

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