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Subject: Minutes of January 18 2005 XACML TC Meeting

  Michiharu Kudo
  Anthony Nadalin
  Seth Proctor
  David Staggs
  Ron Williams
  Hal Lockhart
  Bill Parducci (minutes)
  Anne Anderson

  Quorum reached (72% per Kavi)


  I.   Minutes from January 5 meeting (as updated on list) voted upon:
        Approved unanimously.
        No objections

  II.  Delegation
        Erik noted that current Target matching current uses no Subject
        to match 'Any'. Hal suggested that there be an explicit mechanism
        to state that this is an Admin policy. There was general
        consensus that this mechanism should be pursued.

  III. Obligations
        Bill noted that he and Michiharu have been talking about how to
        flush out the syntax for the Obligation conversations to date.
        Unfortunately, due to travel constraints they have not been able
        to develop a syntactic proposal for the list yet.

  IV. Administrative
       Meetings for 2006 have been posted to the list.

       Oasis has updated the website layout for consistency.

       The Reference document on the website has been updated. There are
       an increasing number of referernces to XACML in other works.
       Members are encourged to take a look.

  V.  SAML
       Eve Maler suggested some additions to the SAML profile of XACML
       2.0 that are captured in

       Anne plans to incorporate these into the next draft of the SAML
       Errata, listed in the "Work in progress" section of the home page:

       The plan is to convert the SAML profile errata into a Working
       Draft, and approve it as a Committee Draft.  This will give users
       assurance that it is a stable, approved version.  It does not seem
       worthwhile, however, to move it on to full OASIS Standard until
       XACML 3.0 comes out.

  meeting adjourned.

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