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Subject: Minutes of February 2 2006 XACML TC Meeting


Daniel Engovatov
Hal Lockhart
Argyn Kuketayev
Abbie Barbir
Erik Rissanen
Bill Parducci (minutes)
Anne Anderson
Seth Proctor
David Staggs
Anthony Nadalin

  Quorum reached (72% per Kavi)


  I.   Minutes from January 18 meeting (as updated on list) voted upon:
        Approved unanimously.
        No objections

  II.  Delegation
       Policy Issuer schema imports the context schema and creates a
       circular reference.

       It was previously agreed that the TC will change how a Target is
       described in v3 (Daniel has an open Action Item to provide a
       schema proposal). By definition, this will alter the V2 schema,
       breaking backwards compatability. The general consensus is that
       this will likely result in a new, separate schema that will
       address this issue.

       Daniel will try to finish his document this week.

III.  New Oasis Technologies

       Bill reviewed the new tools recently announced by Oasis. As these
       technologies come on line he will post opportunities to the list.
       Included in the list are Subversion, IRC and an issue tracking

IV.   SAML adoption
       Anne noted that SAML web page lists other profiles that use/extend
       SAML and moved that the TC submit the XACML SAML profile to the
       SAML group.

       VOTE: submit XACML SAML Profile to SAML as a reference technology
       Motion: Anne
       Second: Bill
        approved unanimously

meeting adjourned.

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