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Subject: Some comments on the updated SAML profile

Anne, all,

I have read the SAML profile update and I found a couple of minor issues.

* The title is ambiguous. I read it as "XACML 2.1".

* There seems to be a typo on page 8, line 225. If I understand it
correctly, it should say "&xs;string".

* I don't understand why the profile defines the XACMLAssertion and
XACMLAdvice elements. I am also thinking about Scott Cantor's comments.
Personally I have used the xsi:type approach, which has worked fine.
There was some discussion on this in the meeting a month ago, but I
don't remember the details and I didn't quite follow it then. Note, I am
not saying that the profile is wrong, just that I don't understand this
part of it.

* Page 22, line 546: minor formatting issue.

* Page 22, line 589: Is the operation of matching a Target against a
policy actually defined?

* Page 22, line 613: It says "It MAY contain other SAML or XACML
Assertions", but when I read the schema, if I understand it right, it is
actually not possible to put Assertions inside an XACMLAssertion.

Other than this I think it is great work!

Regards, Erik

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