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Subject: Minutes of the 25 May, 2006 TC meeting

Minutes of May 25, 2006

   Anne Anderson
   Abbie Barbir
   Kamalendu Biswas
   Argyn Kuketayev
   Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
   Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
   Seth Proctor
   Erik Rissanen
   Ron Williams
   David Staggs

Quorum was achieved (76% per Kavi)

1. Approval of minutes from May 11
     Approved unanimously

2. Attribute Passing - Frank's proposal for the Request Context
     containing Attributes about Delegates.

     The TC agreed to the following:

     When using the core technology without using a profile (such as the
     SAML profile) there is a superset of information provided that will
     be used as input to the process cycle. The format of that
     information is undefined by XACML. During each evaluation cycle the
     Request Context is constructed from the superset and used by
     Policies and PolicySets.

     When using the SAML Profile we will specify the way the superset
     information is carried across the wire. Any implementation that
     doesn't use the SAML Profile is free to provide that information in
     any way it chooses so long as the subsequent Request Context is
     properly constructed for each cycle.

3. Oasis Infrastructure
    Oasis is investigating ways to address telecom costs for TC business.

    File management improvement is being implemented as well.

meeting adjourned.

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