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Subject: Re: [Fwd: Re: [xacml] url/uri-string-concatenate]

Ron Williams wrote:
> My inclination is to preserve the uri semantics for uri objects. I think 
> the use of string semantics likely to cause more inadvertent errors than 
> one might expect from the more restrictive uri constraints.

The thing is that these aren't URI semantics. They're URL or URN 
semantics. It gets complicated pretty quickly trying to figure out how 
you stitch things together.

For instance, the default URL scheme might be to always use "/" between 
each string. But, what if I have "http://example.com/cgi-bin"; and "foo" 
as my two inputs? Now I don't want a "/" used to connect these strings, 
but a "?" (etc.) instead. Or, what about "...name=" and "seth". There's 
no easy way to handle these cases separately.

So, is the common case that we want these components connected as-is, or 
  based on the URI scheme that's being used? I'm not sure I know the 
answer, since very few people have given feedback about how this would 
get used in policies. I do know that strings are simple to work with, 
and will ultimately support a more flexible set of functionality. Based 
on this, and the fact that string semantics are what was originally 
defined, I think that's the best thing to use for now.


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