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Subject: Added Issue 41

I proposed this back on June 22, but it never made it to the issues


In the course of thinking about Issue 13, it occurred to me that it
might be useful to define some sort of flag which would force the PDP to
forgo optimization and evaluate every applicable policy and rule, even
if it can determine the outcome by skipping some of them.

This would have two primary purposes. To be used in conjunction with a
"what if" which reported the policies used to make the decision and
where a consistent set of Obligations is desired for a given set of
policies, independent of PDP implementation.

The flag could appear in the Request Context or somewhere else.

Anne and Seth commented that this would change the semantics of the
language, but I do not think this is true. With respect the Effect, the
result should be the same. Policies should only be skipped when the
result is certain without evaluating them. With respect to Obligations,
this might cause more Obligations to be returned, but they would always
be the set of Obligations returned by all possible evaluation strategies
and might in fact be returned by other PDPs using different optimization
strategies. The difficulty of implementation is a different matter.

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