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Subject: Issue#39:number of policies to return is too large

Problem: What if an XACMLPolicyQuery matches more policies than the PDP 
is able to return in a single XACMLPolicyStatement?


Define a new optional, implementation-dependent element that MAY be 
included in an XACMLPolicyQueryType or an XACMLPolicyStatementType.

<element name="PolicyQueryContinuation" 
type="xacml-saml:PolicyQueryContinuationType" />
<complexType name="PolicyQueryContinuationType">
       <xs:any namespace="##any" processContents="lax" minOccurs="0"

An instance of this element MAY be returned in an 
"XACMLPolicyStatementType", along with Policy and/or PolicySet 
instances.  If present, it indicates that the XACMLPolicyStatement does 
not contain all policies that match the query, and that the PDP supports 
a continuation of the response.

The request MAY then send another XACMLPolicyQuery containing the 
instance of the PolicyQueryContinuation element to obtain more policies 
that match the original query.

The content and interpretation of the PolicyQueryContinuation element is 
completely implementation-dependent.  Support for it is optional.


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