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Subject: Minutes of August 14, 2006 TC Call

I. Roll Call & Administration

   Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
   Michiharu Kudo
   Anthony Nadalin
   Ron Williams
   Argyn Kuketayev*
   Kamalendu Biswas
   Rich Levinson (new member)
   Erik Rissanen
   Greg Desmarais (observer)
   Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
   Anne Anderson
   Seth Proctor
   David Staggs

   Quorum was achieved (81% per Kavi)

  Vote on Minutes
   VOTE: Approve minutes from August 31, 2006 meeting
   Approved unanimously.

II. Issues

  #39 - PAP Continuation

   Anne reviewed the discussion surrounding Kamalendu's proposal. She
   approached other TCs to ask if they are addressing this issue (they
   are not).

   The general consensus is that this is an implementation issue and
   should not be addressed by the TC. If the situation arises, the
   standard SAML error for this case "Too many responses" would be
   specified as the error to return.

   Hal noted that the current spec uses the term "applicable" for
   returning Policies, where we should have stated "potentially
   applicable" (or some clarifying statement addressing the level of
   processing on the PAP). The TC generally agrees that this should be

   In response to Anne's question on the matter, the TC generally agreed
   to leave in the reference of the PAP returning all policies where
   where the query is empty (does not contain a Request or policy
   references), with a disclaimer that this is not a provisioning

   Hal suggested that if we wish to pursue provisioning that perhaps
   SPML could provide the basis for doing so.

   Kamalendu asked about clarification on the current specification and
   it is generally accepted that there needs to be clarification in the
   current spec to address the issues raised.

  #3 - Attribute Category

   Daniel was to have posted further clarification of the proposal to
   the wiki. No discussion has begun yet on the list.

   Erik volunteered to begin mapping the Attribute Category proposal to
   the Delegation model to explore its suitability.

  #24 - Mixed administrative/access target

   Erik raised concerns that in recent discussions with colleagues he has
   become unsure if the solution that is in the current draft is useful.
   Erik will look into it in detail before formally reopening the Issue.

  #47 - WS-Policy Assertion Formats for XACML

   Anne noted that she has received external input indicating here is
   interest in pursuing this.

   Anthony was no longer on the call and as he introduced an initial
   concern discussion was postponed until the next meeting.

   Anne agreed to post her response to Anthony's concern to the list.

III. Oasis Housekeeping

   Hal noted that he will have the Errata document procedural
   information ready for TC consumption by the next meeting.

meeting adjourned.

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