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Subject: Minutes of September 28, 2006 TC Call

I. Roll Call & Administration

   Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
   Anthony Nadalin
   Ron Williams
   Argyn Kuketayev
   Abbie Barbir
   Rich Levinson
   Erik Rissanen
   Greg Desmarais (observer)
   Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
   Anne Anderson
   Seth Proctor
   David Staggs

   Quorum was achieved (76% per Kavi)

  Vote on Minutes
   Bill noted that the Subject in the Minutes posted to the list should
   read SEPTEMBER 14 (was sent out as August 14)

   VOTE: Approve minutes from September 14, 2006 meeting
   Approved unanimously.

II. Issues

  #47 - WS-Policy Assertion Formats for XACML
   Anne reviewed her draft on resolution to this issue.

   Tony asked if "nesting" capabilities of WS-Policy are addressed in
   this  proposal. Anne stated that the XACMLPolicyAssertion (or whatever
   it ends up being named) will not include nested policies - such an
   Assertion is completely self-contained, with all semantics defined in

   Anne will be publishing an updated version of the proposal in the next

  #49-52 Delegation with open Attribute Categories
   Erik reviewed his notes from the wiki on how delegation is affected by
   Daniel's proposal for Attribute Categories (Issue #3)

   Issue #3: PENDING

   Erik noted that pursuing this model will "break" backwards
   compatibility with v2 (Issue #9). The current thinking by the group is
   that a v3 compliant PDP must be able to read v2 policies (stemming
   from discussion on list).

   General consensus by the TC is that Erik update the current Draft to
   reflect the changes proposed.

  #24 Mixed administrative/access target
   Discussion amongst the TC generated the general belief that the
   feature proposed in this issue doesn't solve the use case presented.
   Issue: PENDING.

III. General
   Naming Conventions
   Anne will review the changes to the Oasis naming conventions and
   report back to the TC.

   Hal noted that he will be speaking at the Open Geospatial Consortium
   to present XACML.

meeting adjourned

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