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Subject: Delegation draft 14 uploaded


I have now updated the delegation draft to use attribute categories as
in Daniel's proposal.


There are lots of changes this time. Issues 49-52 in the issues list
provide a summary of the approach I have used.


I renamed the <IndirectDelegatesCondition> element to
<MultipleCondition> and generalized it to use attribute categories.

Should the <PolicyIssuer> and <MultipleCondition> elements be moved into
the new core? MultipleCondition is no longer specific to delegation and
we need to decide how to handle the added <PolicyIssuer> element

I defined new URIs for the delegation depth and decision attributes. I
made them of the urn: form, but OASIS recommends the http: form. Should
we migrate to http in the new attributes defined by the delegation profile?

I created a section in the document listing the attribute categories
that are used by the delegation features. I called the section "Reserved
Attribute Categories" and put Delegate, IndirectDelegate, DelegationInfo
and Delegated* there. Should we worry about collisions between category
names defined by us and users? If so, how do we handle it? A convention
similar to the C-language underscore?

We were just going to remove subject categories, right? So, in the
"access permitted" feature, I removed all references to them.

Best regards,

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