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Subject: Minutes of Octberber 28, 2006 TC Call

I  Roll Call & Administration

    Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
    Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
    Michiharu Kudo
    Ron Williams
    Abbie Barbir
    Erik Rissanen
    Bill Parducci
    Anne Anderson
    Seth Proctor
    Rich Levinson
    David Staggs

    Quorum was achieved (69% per Kavi)

   Vote on Minutes
     No discussion, issues with posted minutes.

     VOTE: Approve minutes from October 12, 2006 meeting
     Approved unanimously.

II  Oasis IPR
     Hal reviewed the IPR changes in Oasis policy that affect TC output
     and require adoption or TC dissolution by 15 April, 2007.


     MOTION: Anne moved that the TC move to "RF on Limited" IP mode.
     SECOND: Bill seconded the motion

     MOVE TO AMEND: Abbie moved to amend to "RF on RAND" IPR mode.
     SECOND: none

     Ron raised the issue that this was not on the proposed agenda and
     asked to defer vote until the next meeting. General consensus is
     that vote be deferred.

III  Issues
    #47 WS-Policy Profile
      Anne reviewed the feedback she received from attending the W3C
      Workshop on Languages for Privacy Policy Negotiation and
      Semantics-Driven Enforcement in Italy.

      Anne will provide clarifications in response to the questions
      raised earlier regarding the WS-Policy Profile. She also plans to
      draft up how this Profile will work with P3P documents. Finally,
      Anne intends to create a set of slides to provide an overview of
      the Profile and how it would be applied. ETA is late November.

IV  Administrivia
     Hal reviewed the request by the Solution Deployment Descriptor (SDD)
     Oasis TC for a liaison. Hall and Bill will follow up and report back
     to the TC.

meeting adjourned.

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