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Subject: meeting with SDD TC

Hal and I met with members of the SDD TC on 1 November to discuss 
possible opportunities for the XACML TC to liaise with their group.

The SDD TC is focusing on standardizing the meta information associated 
with the packaging and deployment of applications. The group has been 
working for almost 2 years on a specification and looking to have a 
specification ready for consideration by the middle of next year.

As part of the development process the SDD TC has developed some Use 
Cases that introduce the need for access control. A number of options 
were evaluated and the TC decided that XACML appears to be one of the 
best fits given their current understanding of the problem.

Below are some links provided by James Falkner of the SDD TC:


- Initial proposal and thoughts on integration of XACML and SDD:

- F2F Discussion/Decisions (There was much discussion on this at the F2F 
so don't take these slides as gospel.):

- The use of XACML in support of SDD is because of Use Cases # 21, 39, 
54, 69, 138 (note that these numbers refer to the Ref # in column A, NOT 
the actual spreadsheet row #):

- Requirements (XACML related: #,

- SDD Specification draft


Hal and I will participate on the SDD TC call on November 9th to discuss 
the options we believe using XACML will bring. Anyone who is interested 
in participating is encouraged to do so either on the call or via the 
XACML/SDD list(s).


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