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Subject: Minutes TC call 9 November 2006

I  Roll Call & Administration

   Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
   Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
   Anthony Nadalin
   Argyn Kuketayev
   Abbie Barbir
   Kamalendu Biswas
   Rich Levinson
   Erik Rissanen
   Anne Anderson
   Seth Proctor
   David Staggs

  Quorum was achieved (76% per Kavi)

   VOTE: Approve minutes from October 26, 2006 meeting
         Approved unanimously.

II  SDD TC liaise
     Bill reviewed the conversation that Hal and he had with members of
     the SDD TC. A follow up discussion is planned during the SDD TC call
     (11:00am ET today).

     There is an outstanding motion that needs to be concluded regarding
     adoption of the new Oasis IPR policies for the TC.


     Since the original motivation for conducting an IPR transition vote
     was to be ready in case the TC did not finish its work before the
     IPR transition deadline in 2007, there was some discussion of making
     the vote take effect only if the TC had not finished its work by the
     deadline.  Hal noted that the IPR transition process indicates that
     a transition automatically occurs within 14 days of a successful
     ballot (where each organization's official OASIS representative
     votes), so a delayed transition could not be done as part of the
     official balloting vote.  The general consensus was that a
     transition to "RF on Limited Terms" would make the IPR status of
     XACML 3.0 more clear, and so a ballot should be conducted prior to
     XACML 3.0 approval in any case.

     MOTION: Anne moved that the TC ask Oasis to conduct a ballot on the
             transition of the TC to "RF on Limted" IPR mode.
     SECOND: Bill seconded the motion

     VOTE: Approved unanimously

IV   Issues
   #53 Computational complexity of delegation
       Erik introduced the TC to work done by Olav Bandman that shows the
       proposed delegation model to be NP-Complete. The proof requires
       IndirectDelegatesConditions. Erik reviewed the problem and
       possible alternatives. These are posted on the wiki.


   #54 Number of policies required by administrative policy delegation
       Anne entered a new issue that some XACML users have with the
       apparently large number of policies that would need to be created
       and managed in order to do delegation with the Administrative
       Policy mechanism.  David Staggs concurred that this is a problem
       for the VHA.  Erik volunteered to work with others to clarify
       whether this is an issue and to help explain Use Cases.

meeting adjourned.

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