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Subject: Schedule for XACML 3.0?


I have been thinking a bit about the progress of XACML 3.0. It has been
quite slow this year. I am guilty of that myself since I haven't always
had the time to work as much on XACML as I would like to.

However, I think it would be beneficial for our work if we could adopt a
practice of assigning projected completion dates on work items in the
issues list. This way we have a schedule which provides some incentives
to do work. Otherwise it is easy that XACML work gets pushed back every
time since it doesn't feel like it matters since there is no due date.
Also, if the items are not completed on projected time, we will notice.
Now things get silently pushed back and delays creep up on us without us
really noticing.

A schedule is also a tool to plan our work and see what are realistic
goals to make.

Of course, we have to be flexible with the schedule, but I prefer a
schedule which slips to having no schedule at all.

What do you think?

If you think this is a good idea, I suggest that we go through the
issues list and decide what we want to include in 3.0 and decide when we
want 3.0 to be ready and then assign dates on individual items, so the
whole adds up to a realistic finish date.

Best regards,

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