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Subject: Groups - Web Services Profile of XACML (WS-XACML) Version 1.0, Working Draft 8 (xacml-3.0-profile-webservices-spec-v1.0-wd-8-en.odt) uploaded

[This is the OpenDocument source for the PDF version]

The following changes were made in this revision.  1) Requirements and
Capabilities elements MAY be unbounded, defined as a shortcut to save
creating unnecessary multiple instances of an XACMLAssertion, 2) a
Capabilities element MAY contain a ResourceContent element (this allows
inclusion of an actual P3P instance, for example), 3) the former
"limit-scope" function has been split into "limit-scope:atLeastOne"
(existential quantifier) and "limit-scope:all" (universal quantifier);
these are restricted to use in Requirements to make intersection tractable,
4)the P3P profile now uses P3P 1.0, rather than P3P 1.0, 5) an
XACMLAssertionAbstractType is defined from which two specific Assertions
are derived: XACMLPrivacyAssertion and XACMLAuthzAssertion; common
semantics are defined for the abstract type, 6) more explanatory material
and examples are added, including some diagrams and a table of the matching
algorithms, 7) two common Vocabulary identifiers are defined (one for
standard XACML AttributeIds, the other for P3P 1.0), 8) three new
AttributeIds related to data retention and data release are defined, 9)
Restrictions are specified on XPath expressions used in AttributeSelectors
and limit-scope functions to enable unambiguous matching.

 -- Anne Anderson

The document named Web Services Profile of XACML (WS-XACML) Version 1.0,
Working Draft  8 (xacml-3.0-profile-webservices-spec-v1.0-wd-8-en.odt) has
been submitted by Anne Anderson to the OASIS eXtensible Access Control
Markup Language (XACML) TC document repository.

Document Description:
The Web Services Profile of XACML (WS-XACML) describes how to use XACML
elements and concepts in a Web Services context.  It describes how to use
an XACML authorization decision as an authorization token, how to use XACML
elements as part of a policy Assertion for authorization or privacy, and
how to convey Attributes for use in evaluating an XACML policy as part of a
SOAP header.

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