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Subject: Minutes TC call 7 December 2006

I  Roll Call & Administration

   Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
   Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
   Anthony Nadalin
   Argyn Kuketayev
   Rich Levinson
   Erik Rissanen
   Anne Anderson
   Seth Proctor
   David Staggs
   Kamalendu Biswas

  Quorum was achieved (72% per Kavi)

   VOTE: Approve minutes from 9 November 2006 meeting
         Approved unanimously.

II  Administrivia
     Meeting Schedule
     The TC discussed the upcoming meeting schedule and decided to retain
     the meetings on 21 December and 4 January 2007.

     Anne noted that P3P 1.1 is not being pursued further by W3C so she
     will therefore be referencing version 1.0 of P3P in the Webservices

     Oasis has posted the IPR vote acknowledgment.

III  Web Services profile

      Anne wrote a schema that complies with the upcoming draft to
      accommodate a team of users who are currently working in this
      space. She also noted that changes in next revisions moves from
      single authZ/privacy assertion to an authZ assertion (regular ACL &
      authorization constraints) and a PrivacyAssertion (privacy related
      constraints). The draft also contains an identifier to reference
      the vocabulary used as well as an identifier indicating the use of
      standard XACML notation.

      Anne plans to release a Draft to the TC later this week or early
      next week.

IV Oasis Copyright Notification

      Anthony noted that it is unlikely that IBM will accept the "short"
      version of the copyright notification with the schemas. Seth noted
      the the proposed "long" form doesn't sufficiently address the
      licensing issues. Anne proposed that the TC place a copy of the
      applicable Oasis copyright and licensing in the XACML repository.
      Anthony will gather specific requirements from IBM while Hal will
      investigate the current direction in Oasis.

V  Process to reach v3 of XACML

      Hal raised the issue that we need an Editor for the overall XACML
      3.0 specification. This remains an open and critical issue.

      There are a number of issues on the list that have been open for
      quite a while. These must become active or be closed as points of
      interest but remain unresolved. TC members have been asked to put a
      proposed completion date on the Issues list by the next meeting.

      Anne requested that the chairs propose dates for a Face to Face
      meeting. Bill will post a list of potential dates to the list for

VI Issues
     There was a brief discussion on Issues. Issue Champions are
     encouraged to put time estimates to their respective Issues.

meeting adjourned.

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