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Subject: Copyrights and IPR Policy

On the last call I agreed to look into the situation regarding OASIS
copyrights, copyright notices and IPR policies.

1. XACML 2.0 was developed and approved under the Legacy IPR policy.


That policy makes no mention of including a copyright notice in
non-specification documents. (This may have been a simple oversight and
the policy certainly does not prohibit including one.)

This explains why the notice was omitted. The current IPR policy went
into effect on April 15, 2005, except for the portions relating to
licensing obligations in existing TCs.


This policy indicates that the long form of IPR notice is only required
in specifications. Other files, such as schemas may use the one line
form of notice.

Since the TC seems to feel having explicit copyright notices on schemas
is a good thing, I suggest we update the 2.0 schemas to include the one
line notice.

2. As far as I have been able to determine, OASIS policy on copyrights
has not changed materially at least since the name was changed to OASIS.
Therefore I believe the question of "which copyright policy?" is moot.

3. As noted above, XACML 2.0 was developed under the legacy IPR policy.
We are now in the process of an IPR Transition ballot. If this succeeds,
then XACML 3.0 will fall completely under the new IPR policy, with
respect to the obligations for patent licensing and all other terms of
the IPR. This seems quite simple and clearcut to me.


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