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Subject: Minutes TC call 21 December 2006

I  Roll Call & Minutes

   Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
   Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
   Rich Levinson
   Erik Rissanen
   Anne Anderson
   Seth Proctor
   Prateek Mishra
   Anthony Nadalin

  Quorum was achieved (58% per Kavi)

  VOTE: Unanimous APPROVAL of revised minutes from 7 December 2006

II  Administrivia
     Hal noted that current ballot numbers are in favor of moving to IPR

     Hal also reviewed the copyright notification policy of Oasis.
     Anthony noted the IBM is working with Oasis to clarify requirements,

     Chairs were approached to raise the possibility of participation by
     members in Oasis interop hosted at Burton Catalyst, June 2007. This
     will be an opportunity to present prototypes, etc. and to
     demonstrate work being done in the field. Tony noted that IBM has a
     number of XACML implementations and may be interested. Others
     encouraged to contact Chairs soon if they are interested.

     Erik volunteered to assume Editor role, Bill offered to assist.

     SOA-RM "Crosswalk"
     Joint meeting in will scheduled for January

III Issues

     #4 - PDP references in policies
     CLOSED - pending Champion

     #5 - Policy statements in the request context
     CLOSED - incorporated into SAML Profile

     #8 Alternate Owner-Policy-Statement to determine sentinel
     CLOSED - pending Champion

     #12 - More general conclusions
     Bill noted that he and Erik have been trying to develop a common
     terminology, etc. to move forward. It is promising, but it is slow
     OPEN - Bill and Erik will work to post something to the wiki in

     #13 - “What are my permissions?”
     Erik asked if this is part fo the specification; Anne suggested that
     is be part of another specification.
     DEFERRED - post v3.0

     #24 - Mixed administrative/access target
     CLOSED - lack of practical requirements in light of implementation

     #25 - Nested policy sets and enforcement of delegation constraints
     Erik will have something posted by 1 January.

     #32 - Exception handling
     DEFERRED - Erik is now Champion. Evaluating problem

     #33 - How to match any delegate
     CLOSED - incorporated into latest Draft

     #34 - Draft 10 has a circular import in the schemas
     DEFERRED - dependent upon other decisions

     #39 - Allow return of policy and policy set id references?
     PENDING: use SAML"TooManyResponses"

     #40 - Change ResourceContent
     OPEN - need ETA from Daniel

     #41 - Flag to force evaluation of all applicable policies
     CLOSED - no action

     #43 - SAML profile: Inheritance between additional attributes

     #44 - SAML profile: Do we add attributes to the access request?

     #46 - SAML profile: multiple holders of attributes

     #48 - #52

     #55-60: WS-XACML
     OPEN - Anne will propose resolution by 4 January
            TC to evaluate by 18 January
            Anne to issue new Draft from 21 January

     #61 - WS-XACML: XACMLAuthzAssertions in the base XACML Policies
     OPEN - Champion Rich

Meeting adjourned.

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