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Subject: New core and delegation drafts


I have uploaded draft 2 of the core spec and draft 17 of the delegation

The changes are that I have implemented a number of "Pending" issues:

32. Exception handling (aka reduction of indeterminate)

The new delegation processing model now handles indeterminate results,
as I described earlier on the list and at the F2F. Note that this means
that the delegation algorithm description has changed quite a bit.

40. The <ResourceContent> element

I removed the content URI as decided.

50. Maximum delegation depth with attribute categories

There is a special XML attribute for this now, rather than it being an
XACML attribute.

54. Number of policies required by administrative policy delegation

I have added a section describing this issue under "Optimization".

64. Treatment of administrative deny

The new reduction algorithm has a simpler treatment of administrative
deny, as described earlier.

68. Backwards compatibility of generalized Target

As decided, I changed the DisjunctiveMatch to the more general form
which is backwards compatible.

I will update the issues list so the status on all these will be pending
review. Feedback is encouraged as usual. Meanwhile I will work on
solutions for the remaining open issues which I "own".

Best regards,

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