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Subject: Re: [xacml] Re: [xacml-demo-tech] Meta data

It is an interesting idea-particularly since the SAML meta schema is  
so rich--but it does require that the PDP be tied to SAML. Early on  
in the TC the thinking was that XACML needs to maintain its  
independence re: implementation. Do we still feel that way?


On May 15, 2007, at 7:00 AM, Anne Anderson - Sun Microsystems wrote:

> Bill,
> I wonder if it makes sense to implement your PDP metadata as part  
> of the SAML metadata?  The metadata has to be conveyed to clients  
> somehow anyway, so implementing it as part of an existing protocol  
> makes some sense.
> The current proposal in the (in progress) SAML Profile Version 2.0  
> Working Draft 3 is to implement
> a) XACMLPDPDescriptor having standard SAML 2.0 metadata compliant  
> PDP info.
> b) XACMLPDPConfig holding extended PDP information.  This might be  
> where the attribute timing, XACML version, Obligation support, etc.  
> should go.
> c) XACMLAuthzDecisionQueryDescriptor - PEP endpoint info
> d) XACMLAuthzDecisionQueryConfig - extended PEP information.
> See Issue#74 in the Issues list:http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xacml/ 
> IssuesList
> Anne
> Bill Parducci wrote:
>> I am going to give emailing to this list one more shot ;)
>> It would be helpful if the interop participants could keep their  
>> eyes  open for implementation attributes that are key/useful for   
>> establishing interoperability. Where it makes since I would like  
>> to  incorporate these into the PDP meta schema.
>> I am currently working on meta info re: Attribute calculation,  
>> XACML  version and Obligation support.
>> thanks
>> b
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