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Subject: [xacml] Minutes 24 May XACML TC Meeting - updated

{ Typo corrected re: issue #71. -b }

Minutes of XACML TC Meeting 24 March 2007

1  Roll Call & Minutes

       Erik Rissanen
       Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
       Ron Williams
       Abbie Barbir
       Rich Levinson
       Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
       Anne Anderson
       Seth Proctor
       David Staggs
       Anil Saldhana

       Quorum achieved (75% per Kavi)

    Approval of Minutes

     10 May TC meeting minutes

  2  Administrivia

     Hal will be presenting SAML/XACML at the upcoming OGC conference.

     The group has been meeting weekly. There have been some schema  
     (errata, location), but one one end point is up and testing has  
     Hal posted 2 docs to the demo list re: scope and description of  
     Rich noted that some working examples are in place internally  
using the
     SAML XACML Profile; there are a number of places where  
     clarification needs being identified and refined.

3. Issues

   #36 Meta data schema
    Bill noted that a page has been created to capture potential meta  
data of
    interest: http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xacml/MetaData#preview

   #61 AuthzAssertions represented in the base XACML Policies
    Rich raised concerns about how this plays in the Web Services  
arena. In
    general he feels that more analysis is needed to resolve this issue.

#63, 71, 77
    Erik briefly reviewed his reasoning behind his proposal for Issue  
63. Hal
    raised concerns about the efficacy of the optimization and the  
need for
    clarity in cross-product implementation.

|   The TC accepted the request to proceed as stated in proposals for  
#63 and
||  #77. Hal will work on a proposal for #71.

#78 XPath types
    Erik reviewed his proposal. Erik offered to provide Errata  
editing. General
    consensus is that Erik proceed with the proposal.

#67 XPath 2.0
    Erik reviewed his work on this. Hal asked for more time to review.

    Erik asked if a working draft of the Obligation work would be  
helpful. The
    general consensus is that moving the discussion away from the  
wiki and into
    a proposal to the list would be helpful.

|  Erik's request to write a draft on how to resolve #67 was accepted.

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