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Subject: Minutes of XACML TC Meeting 24 March 2007

Minutes of XACML TC Meeting 24 March 2007

1  Roll Call & Minutes

       Erik Rissanen
       Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
       Anthony Nadalin
       Ron Williams
       Rich Levinson
       Prateek Mishra
       Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
       Seth Proctor
       David Staggs

       Quorum achieved (69% per Kavi)

    Approval of Minutes

     Vote on approval of 24 May TC meeting minutes

2  Administrivia

    Prateek has volunteered to update the website and other general
    maintenance for the TC.

    interOp Update
    Rich reviewed the status of the interOp, describing the general
    operation of Scenario 1 (basic interoperability) and the work
    being done on Scenario 2. It looks like there will be between 6-8
    companies participating in the event.

    SAML Profile
    In sending her regrets, Anne offered that she would have an
    update to the SAML Profile next week.

3  Issues

    Hal proposed that v2 Errata continue to be handled in the same
    manner as it pertains to XPath/XQuery and that v3 refer the (now
    approved) XPath/XQuery v2 Specification. Erik noted that URIEquals
    is no longer in the XPath/XQuery Specification and that the XACML
    v3 Errata should continue to use the definition defined in XACML v2.
    Hal suggested that the TC investigate this in more detail in light
    of concerns about the nature of such matching.

    Erik asked how links to the specs should be handled and it is the
    general consensus of the TC that such links be specific to the
    version of the referenced content where possible.

    Erik also asked how functions should be identified in v3 and the
    general consensus of the TC is that v3 functions should be updated
    to reflect the new XACML version and that this may result in the
    deprecation of some XACML v2 functions.

    Erik requested that he be able to edit the Hierarchical Resources
    Profile. There were no objections.

meeting adjourned.

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