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Subject: Slides from Burton Catalyst 2007 - Addressing Interoperability Challenges(Jun 12,13, 2007)

Hi All,

On Jun 12, and rebroadcast on Jun 13, the Burton Group hosted
a webinar, which addressed the topic of "Addressing Interoperability
Challenges". The webinar consisted of an introduction plus 2 specific
areas of interoperability that will be on display at Catalyst 2007:

    User-centric Identity

For the XACML segment Hal Lockhart and Rich Levinson spoke
for about 20 minutes about the planning and implementation of the
XACML Interop Demonstration to be held on Thursday,
Jun 28, 2007 from 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM at the Catalyst 2007

The Burton Group has been kind enough to allow us to distribute
the slides within the OASIS XACML TC, and they are attached
to this message for use only within the TC.


IdPS Addressing interop challenges-June15 update.ppt

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