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Subject: Minutes of XACML TC Meeting 16 August 2007 - CORRECTED

Minutes of XACML TC Meeting 16 August 2007

1  Roll Call & Minutes
      Erik Rissanen
      Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
      Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
      Rich Levinson
      Anil Saldhana
      Seth Proctor
      David Staggs

      Dee Schur - Oasis

      Quorum achieved (77% per Kavi)

    Approval of Minutes
     Vote on approval of 19 June TC meeting minutes

     Vote on approval of 2 August TC meeting minutes

2  Administrivia

    Rich has an outline of the InterOp Summary Document and will post a
    link to the list to enlist input.

    David reviewed the concept behind the Healthcare interOp. The
    concept is that a Use Case and process specific to the healthcare
    industry will also be developed.

    Dee reviewed the options for upcoming Oasis interOps:

      Name: Digital ID World
      Date: 24-26 September
      Location: San Francisco
      Cost: ~$2k /participant
      URL: http://conference.digitalidworld.com/2007/

      Name: Burton Catalyst
      Date:  22-25 October
      Location: Barcelona (Hospitality suite)
|    Cost: $3.5k-4.5k /participant depending on # of participants
      URL: http://catalyst.burtongroup.com/EU07/index.html

      Name: RSA Europe
      Date:  22-24 October
      Location: London
|    Cost: $1.7k - $2.2k /participant depending on # of participants
      URL:  http://www.rsaconference.com/2007/europe/home.aspx

      Name: RSA US
      Date: 7-11 April 2008
      Location: London
      Cost:  $19k total (booth)
      URL:  http://www.rsaconference.com/2008/US/ 

      A call is scheduled tomorrow at 10:00 am EST to discuss the
      options for participation.

    Hal has been asked to join a committee to work on the GEO-XACML spec
    with OGC.

3  Issues

     The following Issues have been  have been moved to "CLOSED -  
     by the TC (no objections raised):

     32. ADMIN:Exception handling

     38. CORE:Replace uri-string-concatenate with to-string and
         from-string functions

     40. CORE:Change ResourceContent

     50. ADMIN:Maxdepth with attribute categories

     54. ADMIN:Number of policies required by administrative policy

     55. WS-XACML:Address policy references in a Requirements element
         containing a PolicySet

     56. WS-XACML:Add optional "Preference" XML attribute to Apply  

     57. WS-XACML:Restrictions on XPath expression to support matching
         Attribute references


     59. WS-XACML:Allow restricted regular expression functions in

     64. ADMIN:Treatment of administrative deny

     68. CORE:Backwards compatiblity of generalized Target

     69. ERRATA:Incorrect URL in access_control-xacml-2.0-context-
         schema-os.xsd schema file

     74. SAML:Add SAML metadata description

     77. CORE:Datatype of Resource id attribute in Response

     78. ERRATA:Namespace treatment in xpaths

     79. ERRATA:Incorrect use of multiple subjects

     80. ERRATA:"Policies based on resource contents"

     81. CORE: Data type and function definitions by references to  
XPath 2.0

     84. WS-XACML: limit-scope functions will not work as described

Meeting adjourned.

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