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Subject: Obligation Proposal

I like the proposal for Obligation Families. I am not sure I completely
understand it though.

It is my understanding that a family represents a particular combination
of combining behaviors is that correct?

I think any given Obligation has to be a member of exactly one family,

>There are a number of open questions still remaining. Two that come to
mind >now are:

>1. How are families in turn related to each other?

I am not sure I understand the question. It seems to me that combining
has to occur within each family. The results of combining each family
are aggregated. In other words Families are Repetitive with respect to
each other.

>2. I didn't use URI for identifying the family types. The type is clear
from the xsi:type xml attribute, but using names for identifiers is not
used much in XACML, so I am not sure if people like that. :)

I prefer consistency, but I don't feel too strongly. What would it look
like with a URI?

>And, as I wrote earlier, the use cases get more complex with

I had forgotten we agreed to carry obligations in Admin policies which
are applied to the access decision. Do we have motivating use cases for
this functionality? I am not really sure how it would be used. I agree
that things will get quite complex.


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