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Subject: Minutes TC Meeting 13 September 2007

Minutes of XACML TC Meeting 13 September 2007

1  Roll Call
      Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
      Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
      Erik Rissanen
      Vernon Murdoch
      Anthony Nadalin
      Ron Williams
      Rich Levinson
      Prateek Mishra
      Anil Saldhana
      Seth Proctor
      Vernon Murdoch
      John Moehrke (Observer, GE)
      Anil Tabbepla (Observer, Securent)

      Quorum achieved (81% per Kavi)

2  Administrivia
    Approval of Minutes
     Vote on approval of 30 August TC meeting minutes

     V3 Timing & Scope
     Prateek discussed his concerns about the timeline for v3 given  
the recent
     interOp success and the velocity of changes could cause concern  
by vendors
     and adopters.

     Ron offered that since the number of deployments is still in the  
     phases and that introducing v3 earlier would affect fewer  

     Tony suggested that IBM is interested in seeing the TC move  
forward with
     key features and that moving forward when ready will be beneficial.

     Hal noted that by the time v3 gets out v2 will have been out for  
about 3
     years and some of the v3 features--delegation being notable-- 
have been in
     demand for some time. Also, he noted that Delegation is an optional
     Profile, that v2 compatibility is being striven for and that the  
move to
     v3 may not be necessary for those that do not require Delegation.

     Rich voiced concern that the changes in v3 span a number of  
areas across
     the specification, some of which is structural clean up. He  
asked why the
     changes to the protocol are necessary to facilitate the new  
feature set.

     Bill suggested that there has been considerable demand for  
Delegation in
     particular and that while the TC should be mindful of the  
     implications of change, that it is important that the TC focus on
     developing and publishing requested features in a timely manner.

     Erik offered that Attribute Categories is a new concept and is  
     simply a feature addition. He also noted that Delegation was  
     initially on top of the v2 schema and the complexity drove the  
move to
     make the changes in the current v3 Draft.

3 Issues
     v2/v3 Compatibility
     Erik discussed his research into v2/v3 compatibility. The  
results are that
     it is logically more feasible to internally downgrade a v3  
request to v2
     rather in an v3 PDP that has mixed Policies than attempt to  
upgrade a v2
     Policy to v3 (in batch or real time). He noted that there is a  
border case
     with XPath and that if necessary a manual configuration to the  
     interpretation of the request can work through this.

     Trusted Issuer
     The TC discussed the implications of implicit/explicit Trusted  
Issuer in
     v3. After attempting to frame the issue into discrete choices  
Erik offered
     to post the options for dealing with this to the list.

     Rich asked if Working Draft 1 contained all current work and if  
it replaced
     Obligations in the current schema. Erik confirmed that it did  
and that the
     proposed solution is compatible with v2 Obligations.

meeting adjourned.


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