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Subject: Status of 3.0


A couple of meetings ago we said that we were to decide what to take in 
into 3.0 and what to defer to later. However, we didn't make any 
decisions, so I suggest we make a list of items that people are willing 
to work on and finish soon.

I suggest that at least the following items be brought into 3.0, and I 
can make the work myself:

- Update the 2.0 profiles to the 3.0 schema.

- The obligation family profile. I don't think we should make it any 
more complex than it is now.

- Update the delegation profile to the current template.

(I don't intend this as a complete list. There are some issues on the 
issues list that I can work on, but I need to think a bit more on those 
and I am too tired to do that tonight.)


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