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Subject: Minutes 11 October TC Meeting

Minutes of XACML TC Meeting 11 October 2007

1  Roll Call
      Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
      Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
      Erik Rissanen
      Anthony Nadalin
      Ron Williams
      Rich Levinson
      Prateek Mishra
      Anil Saldhana
      Seth Proctor
      David Staggs
      John Moehrke (Observer)
      Anil Tabbepla (Observer)
      Morry Katz (Observer)
      Dee Schur (Oasis)

     Quorum achieved (100% per Kavi)

2  Administrivia
    Approval of Minutes
     Vote on approval of 27 September TC meeting minutes

    InterOp - RSA - US
     Dee discussed the upcoming RSA conference and asked for input on
     the list of participants who are interested in attending. Timing
     is quite tight so the TC will need to act fairly quickly to be
     able to ensure space at the event. Hal has asked that interested
     parties provide Dee with feedback no later than Monday. Tony and
     Rich voiced concerns that a subsequent interOP cover an expanded
     or different scope than the last interOp in order to demonstrate
     additional capabilities/features. David asked that perhaps
     demonstrating XACML in the privacy space would desirable.

    Rich has an action item to capture the
    "urn:oasis:names:tc:xacml:1.0:resource:xpath" issue as an errata
    on the Issues list.

    Erik reviewed the updates recently posted to Oasis.

    V3 Checkpoint
    Prateek offered to assist Hal with WS-TRUST Profile that he has
    been working on.

    Hal has asked the members to identify the Issues that can be
    addressed within the next 60 days as a starting point for bounding
    the scope of v3.

3 Issues
   New Functions for v3
   Daniel Engovatov offered on the list that XPath 2.0 could be used
   to meet the request for string manipulation functions raised on
   the list. The general consensus is that where possible externally
   referencing other specification is desirable. There was also
   discussion on whether there should be a more generalized mechanism
   for external reference. Erik offered to explore this.

   Policy Distribution
   Hal has added a feature and will fix the date reference to version.
   He has asked for input on the concept of sending "naked policies"
   (vs. sending Policies via a SAML wrapper).

   Effective Date/Time
   Hal mentioned that what happens to a PDP when a Policy expires,
   etc. and that this would take further consideration by the TC.

   Bindings and frameworks for PEP to PDP access
   Prateek discussed the approach he would like to take as well as a
   high level view of what is or out of scope of for the TC.

   Anil described the use case for a generalized API for Policy

meeting adjourned.


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