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Subject: RE: [xacml] Opportunity at RSA US for XACML InterOp

we are still on the same point, we need to see some incremental growth here to participate, so the growth area that we potential see is policy exchange as an interesting area as this is one that was not well done last time

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10/17/2007 07:39 AM


RE: [xacml] Opportunity at RSA US for XACML InterOp

Hi everyone,
I have no abstract yet? And I have a call in a few minutes.
I have the following status on participants:

1. BEA - only if we use same scenario as Burton
2. IBM - only if we update and expand functionality
3. Sun - yes
4. Axiomatics - maybe
5. Securent - yes
I really need feedback in the next few hours.


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> Subject: [xacml] Opportunity at RSA US for XACML InterOp
> Hi,
> I have been in negotiation with RSA for some time over a space for an
> InterOp at the US event as this was the consensus of the group.
> They want more details and a compelling abstract, are we sticking with
> same scenario or doing something different? Based on list traffic, it
> looks
> like a lot of new features are being discussed.
> That said; I need a 'solid' idea of participants before I can even
make a
> guess at costs. They are very tight on space, so the sooner the better
> your reply.
> Cheers,
> Dee Schur
> OASIS Member Support
> dee.schur@oasis-open.org
> 941.926.8566

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