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Subject: XACML/RSA Interop 13-Dec-07 Conference Call Notes

Note: Dee asked me to write this up, because she had tech problem w computer
and was not able to take full notes. These notes may have missed some 
in particular, on the attendance, if you were present and name not included,
please notify me and I will add it, also if anything left out, please 

Note: after this message, I expect all RSA/Interop messages should go to
xacml-demo-tech and/or xacml-demo-mktg only, per OASIS rules for Interops
(note: I cc'd participants from calls that may not have been on prev interop
mail list - everyone should verify on list I will send out test mail to 
only after this - if you don't get email titled "XACML follow up" then 
please see if
you can get added to list at
http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=xacml#feedback ):

OASIS Interop Rules:


"7. To facilitate InterOp planning, OASIS staff will create one official 
e-mail list for technical participants and a second list for marketing 
contacts. Participants may subscribe to one or both lists if they wish. 
Archives of these email lists will be accessible by OASIS members only. 
In addition, Participants may choose to further restrict list access 
only to OASIS staff and the Interop Participants."

The call was held on Thu, Dec, 13, 2007 at the regular conference call #/ID:

    (605) 772-3100  505991#

Attendees included:
    Hal Lockhart, BEA:  Interop Lead / Moderator
    Dee Schur, OASIS
    Jane Harnad, OASIS
    Howard Ting, Securent
    Denis Pilipchuk, BEA
    Erik Rissanen, Axiomatics
    Dilli Dorai, Sun
    Rich Levinson, Oracle
    David Staggs, SAIC
    John Moehrke, GE Healthcare

    Others (if you were present and are not on list, please notify)
       RSA Conference 2008
       April 7-11, 2008
       Moscone Center
       San Francisco, CA

    Jane: needs RSA payments soon, each company needs to fill out
       registration form.
    Dee: Current list of confirmed participants:
       Axiomatics AB
       BEA Systems
       Red Hat
    Denis: will discounts be available for participants?
        - discount: participants get exhibitor's pass (does not get
           into sessions - don't assume anything free based on Interop).
           Speakers often get additional pass privileges.
           OASIS members get 20-30% discount on regular admissions
        -  We have practice room on Sunday, April 6 to prepare for interop
        -  Everything needs to be ready to go on exhibition floor by 
Monday PM
        -  Different mode than Burton: need to be operational all 5 days M-F
     Hal: It should be considered a multi-vendor booth
     Dave: it could be a meeting area, have lecture then go from there
     Hal: does not think this model would work
       - We have 10x30 space rectangular: what we do inside is our decision
       -  Suggest run slide show on monitor
       -  Vendor systems will be connected by router to show multi-vendor
            interoperability (as at Burton)

Interop technical details:
    Rich: gave description of email and attachments (requires OASIS login):
    Denis: we need to remain flexible and place priorities on the use cases
    Dilli: raised 2 issues for which a clarifying/expanded email was sent:
       1. not clear what standards used to interoperate (SAML-Profile?):
            xacml-samlp:AuthzDecisionQuery (this was done at Burton).
            xacml-samlp:XACMLPolicyQuery (was not done at Burton - will 
need to discuss)
       2. central repository or multiple repository (runtime policy 
    Hal/Denis: at Burton we had 1 set of policies and each vendor had 
own private copy
       we basically ran out of time for policy exchange, except by 
export to file and import
       from file, but did not use policy exchange protocol. That will 
need to be revisited
       and prioritized for RSA/Interop.

Next meeting:

    Thu Dec 20, 2008, 11 AM (same number as above)
      next 2 weeks (12/27/07, 1/3/08) will be no call, but expect email 
       to continue as people available to keep momentum going and issues 


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