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Subject: Complication with the xpath context node change


We decided to change the context node of xpaths so the context node is 
the <Content> element instead of the <Request> element. This means that 
at the various places where an xpath appears, the category of the 
<Content> element must be indicated.

There is no problem in adding a Category XML attribute to the 
<AttributeSelector>, but there is a problem with the xpath-match 
functions. Adding the category as an argument of the functions make the 
functions take three arguments, so they can no longer be used in a Match 
in a target.

This is a loss of functionality compared to 2.0 and I don't think we 
should do that.

What I propose is that we change the new xpath datatype in 3.0 to 
include the category. Something like this:

<AttributeValue DataType="urn:oasis:...:xpathExpression">
  <XPath Category="urn:oasis:...:resource">some/xpath/here</XPath>

It would also be possible to put the Category attribute directly in the 
AttributeValue element since it allows any attributes. Like this:

<AttributeValue DataType="urn:oasis:...:xpathExpression" 

I am not sure which one I prefer.

I cannot think of any use of xpaths in XACML which does not apply to the 
request, so coupling the category and the path like this seems ok to me. 
If there would be some other use which is not bound to a category, the 
category can simply be ignored.


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