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Subject: Re: [xacml] Optimization and side effects

Hi Erik. FYI, if you look at the final section of appendix A you'll  
see that we do actually require that no extensions introduce side- 
effects. A big part of this was explicitly because of concerns over re- 
ordering operation. Of course, I don't think we say the same thing  
about policy reference/retrieval, so theoretically you could still  
introduce side-effects at the policy-combining level.

Certainly the spec is supposed to allow you to re-order many aspects  
of evaluation, though I think it does this by omission of any specific  
prohibitions rather than any explicit statement. For what it's worth,  
I think it's ok to include some comment about allowing re-ordering, as  
long as it doesn't confuse people into thinking that there's an  
obvious way that things *should* be re-ordered in practice. I think  
part of why we never called this out explicitly was to make sure that  
when people first look at XACML, they focus on the basic in-order,  
recursive model, and then start thinking about how to extend it.


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