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Subject: Minutes TC Call 24 March 2008

. Roll Call
   Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
   Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
   Erik Rissanen
   Rich Levinson
   Prateek Mishra
   Anil Saldhana
   Seth Proctor
   David Staggs

   Voting Members: 7 of 8 (87%) (used for quorum calculation)

2. Administrivia
  Vote on Minutes from 28 February 2008
  Approved with unanimous consent

  Vote on Minutes from 13 March 2008
  Approved with unanimous consent

  Hal reviewed the Oasis IDtrust Steering Committee and the Member
  Section concept and organization.

  Rich summarized the Interop. Four out of the five use Cases were
  successfully demonstrated, the last was not covered due to time
  constraints. There is a package of documents that provide background,
  Policies and descriptions that have been uploaded to the TC website.
  Rich will ensure that this is publicly accessible.
  Prateek suggested that the TC create a high level set of "Lessons
  Learned" from the event.

  David intends to approach EKMI TC and is interested in creating an
  XACML Profile that is interoperable with HL7 based upon the
  vocabulary derived from the Interop and previous
  work by the Oasis TCs (i.e., (WS Trust and WS Federation).

  Rich raised the issue of how best to organize the documentation on the

  Hal noted that a new implementation of XACML, XACMLight, has been
  referenced on the TC website.

3. Issues
   xPath Categorization
   Erik described the problem that moving the xPath content node
   creates an issue with xPath evaluation. He suggests moving the xPath
   categorization into the AttributeValue element.
   There is general agreement that the decision on this be postponed
   until the next call to give the TC more time to evaluate this.

   Issue #23 - CORE:Access Permitted
   PENDING: Request to move to Core specfication using proposed  

   Issue #63 - CORE:Generalization of multiple resources
   CLOSED: Approved to incorporate as defined in the current draft.

   Issue #85 - CORE:xPath datatype name collision
   CLOSED: Approved to incorporate as defined in the current draft.

meeting adjourned.

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