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Subject: Minutes TC Meeting 8 May 2008

1. Roll Call
  Voting Members:
   Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
   Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
   Erik Rissanen
   Anthony Nadalin
   Rich Levinson
   Seth Proctor
   Anil Saldhana

  Voting Members: 7 of 8 (88%)

2. Administrivia
   Vote on Minutes from 24 April 2008
   Approved with unanimous consent

   Oasis has made a Call for Presentations for the
   Open Standards Forum
   29 September - 1 October
   Ditton Manor, Near London, UK

   Conformance Test Updates
   Craig Forster has requested to update Conformance Tests to reflect
   v2 errata. The general consensus is that this is a good idea for
   this to proceed. Rich will coordinate the aggregation of the tests
   for review by the TC.

   Updating XACML 2.0 conformance tests to meet errata

   Seth will post links to Call for Papers in security space.

3. XACML Community
   An errata post was made to xacml-comment list. The first erratta,
   is an errata that will be addeed to teh Eratta doc.

   The second errata concerning xpath-node-equal and xpath-node-match
   requires analysis and will be placed on the Issues list for
   further consideration by the TC.

   original post on errata:

   follow-up discussion:

   A request came in from the xacml-comment list to add a ApplyType
   field to ease policy editing for GUI based editors. The general
   consensus that this idea is worth pursuing and will be added to
   the TC Issues list.

   Multiple roles in a single request
   A post regarding multiple roles is being discussed on the
   xacml-users list for those who are interested.

4. Issues
   xPath Categorization
   The TC is directing the editor to update the specification to put
   the Category attribute directly in the AttributeValue element.
   Rich raised concerns about backwards compatibility to which Erik
   responded that changes to the Context node have created this issue
   and that this change has made certain aspects of compatibility are
   not able to be pushed backward. Rich wanted to make sure that the
   TC consider how best to introduce v3 changes and address future
   concerns about backward compatibility.

   An errata was posted concerning time related to time related
   datatypes. These will be posted to the Issues list for further

   The TC reviewed the open Issues from the Issues list.

   (the following collected by Rich)

   #12 Obligations
       TC to review

   #23 Access Permited
       Critical path issue, know what to do

   #36 Metadata
       Need to start discussion on list

   #66: PIP processing model at PDP and PEP levels
        profiles needed
        main concern: don't constrain xacml strengths, except
        possibly by defining some common profiles
        also related to discussion seth,oleg:


        policy creator:

        ref to implementation:

   #67  XPath 2 support
        pending - xpath 2.0 - need an expert

   #71  Treating different subject categories as different entities
        Hal wants to resolve

   #72  Where should passed-in policies be inserted
        Policy set

   #73  At which level in a nested policy set does reduction start?
        same issue as 72

   #75  Defining an interface for closely coupled PEP/PDP
        Need more performant than soap

   #88  Proposed new string functions
        TC should review

meeting adjourned.

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