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Subject: Updated 2.0 errata and 3.0 working draft 6


I have just uploaded an updated version of the 2.0 errata and 3.0 core 
working draft 6.

2.0 Errata

- Fixed the "...:data-type:..." vs "...:data-types:..." typo in some 
references to the datetime duration datatype.


- Removed incorrect references to the (non-existing) FunctionId XML 
attribute of the <Condition> element.


3.0 wd 6

- Fixes the same issues as in the errata above and fixes some other 
errata and typos and improves the text. See the changelog at the end of 
the document for details.

- Makes the <Content> element the context node of all xpaths. An XML 
attribute which gives the category of the <Content> element is present 
in the xpath datatype and the attribute selector. When I made this 
change, I realized that we have not considered what the xpath functions 
should do if the <Content> element of the xpath is not present. There 
are two alternatives, either to raise an Indeterminate or to treat it as 
an expression which does not match anything.

I chose to define the functions so they treat the xpaths as not 
mathching anything. I did so because this is closer to the XACML 2.0 
behavior than raising an error. Since in 2.0 the context node was the 
<Request> element, the result in 2.0 would have been a zero match, not 
an error. Hopefully this will introduce less backwards compatibility issues.

- Added a <Content> element to the <PolicyIssuer> so it is the same as 
all other parts of the request.

- Fixed the duplicate <CombinerParameters> element which causes problems 
with JAXB for instance.

- Removed default XML attributes from the schema and made those 
attributes required instead.

Best regards,

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