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Subject: Minutes 22 May 2008 TC Meeting

1. Roll Call
   Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
   Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
   Anthony Nadalin
   Erik Rissanen
   Rich Levinson
   Anil Saldhana
   Seth Proctor
   David Staggs

   Dee Schur (Oasis)

   Voting Members: 8 of 8 (100%)

2. Administrivia
   Vote on Minutes from 8 May 2008
   Approved with unanimous consent

   IDTrust Steering Committee election results posted. Congratulations
   to Anil Saldhana.

   Dee Schur join the call to discuss the Healthcare Webinar and how
   the interOp work could be leveraged to present at the Webinar.
   David offered access to his lab should a live presentation be

   Dee also notified the TC that Oasis was going provide it Fall
   Security presentation in London October 1-3. Oasis is interested
   in recreating the interOp at this event. Tony and Erik voiced
   initial interest. Hal and Rich will investigate internal interest.
   Dee will post this link to the list. Tony offered that it may
   make sense to introduce additional value-add to the event.

   Dee also posted a request for a write up an article for the HL7
   Newsletter. David volunteered to use the interOp findings as
   material for an article.

   Seth posted a second CFP, InSPEC 2008
   Munich, Germany, 15 September 2008

   David announced the start-up of the Oasis XSPA (Cross-Enterprise
   Security and Privacy Authorization) TC. The first meeting is
   scheduled for Noon CDT on Friday. The purpose of this TC is to
   effectively combine a number of existing protocols and standards
   to create a Profile to address cross organization authorization
   in the Healthcare Industry. David will post a number for the call.

   Erik posted Working Draft 6. It includes Xpath with new Context
   node and errata.

   Erik also posted an update to the v2 Errata that addresses the
   issues discussed on the list. Erik noted that the resource-id
   errata still needs to be updated.

   How invalid Policies (schematically correct, semantically
   incorrect) are handled PDS were discussed. Bill and Erik will craft
   text for consideration to add to the specification for

   Rich will review the state of the conformance test discussion and
   come back to the TC

   Bill provided an overview of how version control would work for
   the TC using sourceforge (as suggested by Oasis).

   Motion: Bill moved to setup a project on Source Forge for the
           purposes of providing version control the TC's conformance

   Second: Rich seconded the motion

   Vote: approved unanimously.

   Bill will post the URL to the list when completed.

meeting adjourned.

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